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Life Insurance Comparison Service helps you to find life cover appropriate for your circumstances at a price you’re happy with. Our experts can obtain quotes from leading UK life insurance companies. Our quotes are free of charge and you are under no obligation to accept any of them. 

Our quotes are free of charge and you are under no obligation to accept any of them.

*£5 per month Life Insurance quoted rates are based on level term life cover for non-smokers with no pre-existing medical conditions or other high-risk factors. Individual factors and medical underwriting will be assessed which may vary the premium and sum assured you are eligible for or may result in you being declined. 

Correct as on 1st March 2023:

£131,406 over 20 years – 30-year-old born in 1993 (Aviva)
£83,288 over 20 years – 35-year-old born in 1988 (Aviva)
£59,463 over 15 years – 40-year-old born in 1983 (Aviva)
£40,323 over 15 years – 45-year-old born in 1978 (Aviva)
£27,931 over 10 years – 50-year-old born in 1973 (Aviva)
£18,706 over 10 years – 55-year-old born in 1968 (Aviva)
£11,569 over 10 years – 60-year-old born in 1963 (Aviva)
£7,069 over 10 years – 65-year-old born in 1958 (Aviva)
£4,285 over 10 years – 70-year-old born in 1953 (Aviva)